What’s in a Letter?

It started with a letter. It was a warm Tuesday morning at APF and we were checking the letterbox like we do every Tuesday morning. As we were sorting through the letters, we were perplexed to receive a letter from the South Dakota State University to unknown addressee. It wasn’t until one of our staff […]

So You Want a Hi-Vis Vest?

When you think of a high-visibility garment you may simply think of personal protective equipment to increase a person’s visibility and therefore prevent accidents caused by persons not being seen. These items could be associated with railway and road workers, airport workers and emergency services to cyclists and motorcyclists. However, what if when the public saw […]

International Women’s Day 2021: kicking logistics goals outside of the kitchen

The transport and warehousing industry is typically a male-dominated industry and interestingly women representation has declined slightly over the last twenty years currently standing at almost 21% versus 23% in 1998. To grasp more insight into the culture of the industry we spoke to Gabrielle Cousins, the Operations Manager at APF Cold Storage and Logistics […]

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