Dry July

Whether you are doing it for charity or yourself, going dry for July is always a good cause. Our very own Australian craft brewers have really stepped up the game in the non-alcoholic beer market with extensive research and out of the box flavours flavours so you can go dry and not sacrifice the taste. […]


Australia is leading the world in coal power emissions with average carbon dioxide rates of 5.34 tonnes each year from 2015 to 2020. It’s no wonder that Australia emits nearly 2% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, considering we manage a quarter of the global coal trade and we are one of the world’s biggest […]

A Paperless Future

The problem In 2021 the average Australian went through around 230kg of un-recycled paper. It takes 17-24 years for a pine tree to grow enough for the paper to be collected. Although companies are trying to use different types of materials such as bamboo for its fast growth rate. However, it still requires large amounts […]

The Global Race to Net Zero

As a result of the Industrial Revolution, it has become evident the continued use of outdated energy generation processes have led to the unprecedented warming of the global average surface temperature, with the past 40 years recording more than twice the level as seen in previous decades. This warming is driving regional and seasonal temperature […]

T2D: Gawler to Old Noarlunga in Under an Hour?

Adelaide’s $9.9 billion Torrens to Darlington (T2D) Project has taken another step forward with the release of its latest reference design. A 10.5km non-stop motorway between the River Torrens and Darlington encompassing more than 2km of twin three-lane tunnels means tens of thousands of vehicles will be taken off South Road every day. The T2D […]

What’s in a Letter?

It started with a letter. It was a warm Tuesday morning at APF and we were checking the letterbox like we do every Tuesday morning. As we were sorting through the letters, we were perplexed to receive a letter from the South Dakota State University to unknown addressee. It wasn’t until one of our staff […]

APF Driver versus a Global Pandemic

So here we go again… After a reasonable time of some normality in regards to dealing with a global pandemic, today we find ourselves going into a 7-day lockdown. With Eastern states already in lockdown, it was at the back of most minds that it would only take a case or two of the virulent […]

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