Cold & Ambient Storage

APF Cold Storage & Logistics, providing quality Cold & Ambient Storage and personal service

APF Cold Storage and Logistics provide storage solutions to meet a wide range of requirements. We offer:

  • Frozen (Below -18 Degrees Celsius)
  • Chilled (Between 1-4 Degrees
  • Celsius)Ambient (+10 Degrees Celsius)
  • Dry (Room Temperature)

We also have the ability to cater temperature zones to meet specific requirements, so feel free to ask us if you have and specific temperature needs.


Here at APF we use a variety of room configurations, combined with deep (drive in) and selective (single space location) racking to provide clients with a wide range of storage services.

Loading and Unloading

We unload and load all types of products from containers and trucks including but not limited to:

  • Drums, using specialised drum handling equipment.
  • Slip Sheet Unloads
  • International Bulk Container (IBC) Loading and Unloading
  • Hand Unload (Palletisation)
  • International Pallet Loads (Heat Treated and Certified Pallets)
  • Pallet Loading and Unloading (Load Securing


APF Cold Storage and Logistics can completely take care of your entire supply chain, and offer the following services:


We are an Approved Arrangement Facility for the Department of Agriculture and can facilitate all Quarantine (AQIS) Classes 2.5, and 2.5.2 to be unloaded in to our facility. We can also cater for all Imported Foods Inspection Services (IFIP) requirements for products being imported in to Australia.

We also conduct Cold Treatments for Quarantine Items, so if you require Cold Treatments on any products, feel free to give us a call to discuss.


Self-Storage Cold Storage Lockers, sometimes referred to as Freezer Rooms or Cold Storage Room Rentals, are rooms that clients rent out, typically with an average occupancy time of over 5 years, which allows clients to run their business how they wish to, and APF CSL provides merely the Room and Equipment needed. With lockers built in multiples, we can pass on those savings to the client, and offer them a fixed cost monthly, with 24/7 access, and complete security monitoring to ensure their products are safe, and on temp.

The great benefit to the Self-Storage Rooms, or Freezer Rooms, is that when you rent from APF CSL, you get a free storeman, who can accept your goods at our Athol Park DC during our regular hours, and then we can even put it away in your Freezer Room. This means you, the client, can focus on growing your business, rather than managing logistics.


We provide stock consolidation in all temperature zones. If you are a producer, you may not always make a full pallet, but you will still need to move that half pallet in to storage. Once we have enough of that product type to make a pallet, we consolidate it in to the one pallet, which means you get better value for money when storing your products with us.


Our staff are highly experienced in all aspects of AQIS and IFIP, and if you need any advice, or are just starting out, we are happy to discuss.

Most importantly, our storage services are carried out by our carefully selected staff. We ensure that our team’s top priority is taking great care of your product. And we aim to deliver that great service from the moment you ring us, to when your stock is in our storage racking, to being despatched to your end client.


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