APF Driver versus a Global Pandemic

So here we go again… After a reasonable time of some normality in regards to dealing with a global pandemic, today we find ourselves going into a 7-day lockdown. With Eastern states already in lockdown, it was at the back of most minds that it would only take a case or two of the virulent […]

So You Want a Hi-Vis Vest?

When you think of a high-visibility garment you may simply think of personal protective equipment to increase a person’s visibility and therefore prevent accidents caused by persons not being seen. These items could be associated with railway and road workers, airport workers and emergency services to cyclists and motorcyclists. However, what if when the public saw […]

International Women’s Day 2021: kicking logistics goals outside of the kitchen

The transport and warehousing industry is typically a male-dominated industry and interestingly women representation has declined slightly over the last twenty years currently standing at almost 21% versus 23% in 1998. To grasp more insight into the culture of the industry we spoke to Gabrielle Cousins, the Operations Manager at APF Cold Storage and Logistics […]

2020 Wrap Up

2020 was a big year for everyone. Locally, in South Australia we started the year with bushfires in all parts of South Australia, with the looming threat of COVID-19 hanging over everyone. Then, as the pandemic started to reach all parts of the globe, everyone started to feel the pinch. Here at APF Cold Storage […]

Cursed Pallets

Here at APF Cold Storage and Logistics we are always up to a challenge. When customers want stock delivered to places we don’t normally go to, we figure it out. It’s part of the service we offer to our clients. We feel that as your refrigerated logistics partner, that we should reduce the clients problems, […]

How a new south road will make things cheaper…

If you are a South Australian involved in logistics, I am sure you have been paying attention to the recent SA budget announcement of the completion of the North-South Corridor. The $8 Billion project will be the biggest project in SA to date. But what does it mean, to the general public. What does it […]

The Australian Budget, and how that may impact you.

If you are not an avid follower of fiscal policy here in Australia, you may not be aware of what happened yesterday. On Tuesday, 6 October 2020, it was budget night for the Federal government. The government unveiling huge spending on infrastructure, health, and tax breaks (both individual and business). Many business managers/owners would have […]

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