Storage in the time of Corona

Lots has changed in the last few months. The most signifiant of which is the Pandemic of COVID-19. It’s caused enormous issues worldwide, and we are no exception to this here in Adelaide. When pubs, clubs, cafes and restaurants closed, we lost about 60% of our logistics (Transport) business instantly. People were immediately redundant, and […]

Farewells to some Key Staff at APF

It’s been quite a while since we have updated our news page.  And in the last couple of months we have had enormous changes to our business. So whats new? We farewelled three key staff from APF Cold Storage and Logistics in the space of 4 weeks. Nat, our Operations Manager, who started as a […]

The Five Most Common Mistakes when Using Cold Storage

Over the decades we have been in operation we have helped countless people grow their business. Not only through providing great value cold storage and refrigerated logistics, but by helping our customers streamline their logistics operations. It’s one of the benefits of our services, is that we provide advice and feedback. Sometimes that advice makes the customer change their operations…

Managing Business Change Following a Customer Success

In a service industry such as Cold Storage and Logistics, customers come and go. They are far more transient than in services that in a production sector. We see so many customers start small, and grow into large customers. It’s one of our many joys at APF Cold Storage and Logistics, being able to see […]

AQ, EQ & GRIT Training with Brand South Australia

On Thursday, I attended one of the Brand South Australia Free professional development workshops, that is put on with the support of Bernie Lewis Home Loans. The event on Thursday was run by Jo Marshall from Culturise and was in the amazing Majestic Rooftop Garden on Frome Road. The session went in to an area […]

October RWTA Networking Breakfast, with Glaciem Cooling

As the weather outside was champagne Adelaide spring weather, with fog and rain encouraging everyone to sleep in, I made my way to The Caledonian in North Adelaide for the RWTA’s networking breakfast at 7am. Today’s event featured Glaciem Cooling showing off their new technology which seeks to make CO2 a more desirable option as […]

Self Storage & Freezer Rooms, Another Way We Are Different

APF Cold Storage and Logistics have always been about doing what the customer needs, rather than trying to make a client fit what we want. When we started business in the 1908’s, we were in the centre of the migrant population that grew in Australia after the Vietnam War, and the Conflict in Cambodia and […]

Small is the New Big

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Beer and BBQ Festival here in Adelaide at the Wayville Showgrounds. It was one of those great times in business, where enjoyment and work are perfectly aligned. The Beer and BBQ Festival seeks to assist craft brewers to connect with a large audience that they would […]

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