Small is the New Big

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Beer and BBQ Festival here in Adelaide at the Wayville Showgrounds. It was one of those great times in business, where enjoyment and work are perfectly aligned.

The Beer and BBQ Festival seeks to assist craft brewers to connect with a large audience that they would not normally have access too. I was visiting a few of our clients at the event, and everyone remarked on how South Australians are passionate about their beer. People from Adelaide also like to believe that they are quite refined when it comes to the finer things in food and drink, so it is no surprise that this festival that focusses on craft beer was a hit.

We are also incredibly parochial in South Australia. We favour the underdog, or in this case, the craft producer over the multinational companies. Smaller organisations are perfect for craft beer. Craft beer needs love and care, and smaller organisations are much more focussed on those aspects.

Care needs to be taken all along the craft beer supply chain as well. Beer is now recommended to be treated like Milk- keep it refrigerated, and at a constant temp until it is consumed. This ensures the finer details of a craft beer is preserved, giving the consumer a much richer tasting experience.

Care within the logistics supply chain is where APF Cold Storage and Logistics specialises. We offer our Craft Brewery clients a range of services including Bonded Storage, which delays the Brewer’s tax liability, and we excel at Refrigerated Logistics. Our organisation is small and flexible enough to be able to pivot with our clients, to help them achieve what they need to achieve.

Much like successful brewers, APF Cold Storage and Logistics are small, nimble, and agile. We pride ourselves on boutique style service, which aligns with the care and passion of craft brewers and distillers.

As I talk to more people within the South Australian food and beverage industry, it has become apparent that now is the prime time for boutique business. Never has there been more demand for unique producers, and at APF Cold Storage and Logistics we are no different. Small is the new big.


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