Solar Radiation in Australian Breweries

Climate change has become a high priority in recent years. Considering this, industries are being pressured to lower their carbon footprint with renewable energy sources. The brewing process in Australia is due to the heating and cooling of liquids, and so scientists have developed a way to convert solar radiation into heat energy.

The Brewery industry emits carbon emissions from six different processes. Energy and utilities, product and packaging, process consumables including grinding wheels rods and oils, short life equipment, human activity which consists of staff, paperwork, transport, and water. Lastly, product distribution involves the truck emissions and routes taken.

To combat these emissions, solar thermal radiation technologies have been developed. Solar array installations are beneficial as they are set to supply around 45% of energy demand to the world by 2050. Solar radiation is also considered the most economical alternative due to the technology needed to harvest the energy being the lowest cost and having a lower production emission.

The technology works by harvesting solar radiation using solar panels and collectors, it is then processed and converted into electricity, then stored inside huge batteries and used to power the boiler which in turn heats the air and water in domestic, commercial, and industrial plants.

The use of this technology is highly beneficial in Australia due to being a warm and sunny country. If all Australian breweries took this on the carbon emissions from this industry could be significantly reduced. At APF we are continuously looking into ways we can reduce our emissions in ways such as developing a paperless system as well as solar and waterpower. Following the image of all breweries implementing a renewable energy strategy it means the cost of production would be reduced, the same goes for distribution and selling. Therefore, a competitive pricing strategy would become effective, making the consumer prices more likely to be reduced. With cold storage needing a constant supply of energy, we try our best at APF to rest customer concerns with implementing renewable energy measures.

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