APF Driver versus a Global Pandemic

So here we go again…

After a reasonable time of some normality in regards to dealing with a global pandemic, today we find ourselves going into a 7-day lockdown.

With Eastern states already in lockdown, it was at the back of most minds that it would only take a case or two of the virulent Delta strain here for us in South Australia to follow suite.

As a delivery driver working for a cold storage company, I am classed as an essential worker. We warehouse, store and deliver a wide range of food and beverages in the greater Adelaide area.

So, for us a contingency plan goes into effect straight away, continued QR coding, social distancing, face masks, sanitising and split staff work rosters etc.

Today I am on stand down but will be back on the road delivering tomorrow. I am actually quite happy not to be on the roads today as it becomes very intense and dangerous with a lot of people panicking and driving erratically with other things on their minds. It also makes it almost impossible to deliver to customers in and around shopping centres as panic buying sets in!

Tomorrow will be completely different, actually a joy to be on the roads, with no traffic or angry drivers and loading zones empty of “questionable” cars parked in them.

Armed with plenty of masks and hand sanitiser on board, my daily tasks will be a little different. With flexible contactless pickups and deliveries, temperature checks and health screenings required of all drivers, the vast array of essential products onboard will be handled safely and diligently.

Go hard and go early! With this in mind…hopefully, this will only be a short sharp lockdown and the State can be back up and running normally soon!?

Stay safe.

– Gino, APF Cold Storage and Logistics Truck Driver


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