Bonded Storage for Brewers & Distillers

The perfect conditions to store your alcoholic beverages

We asked leading brewers and distillers in South Australia what they would need in a bonded warehouse. The result is a great opportunity to support local producers by providing perfect conditions, enabling them to provide the Australian market with the best in alcoholic beverages.

What we offer:
Tax efficient

With bonded storage, you only pay excise liability when your products are despatched from our store, no sooner.

Temperature controlled

We are experts in cold storage, with the staff and facilities to accommodate your specific needs.

Despatch local and interstate

Our long-standing logistics network delivers to your local pub, club, bottle shop, or RSL; anywhere in Australia.

Expert handling

Our experienced, highly-skilled staff will provide the perfect, safe, and secure conditions for your product.

The first bonded warehouse in South Australia

As the first cold storage facility in South Australia to be accredited by the Australian Taxation Office as a bonded warehouse, APF Cold Storage & Logistics is the first choice for South Australian brewers and distillers looking to grow their businesses.

Expect the best from our services

For local brewers and distillers, the benefits of bonded storage can make a large difference. Our bonded warehouse is the ideal place for your products to be stored before despatch, with:

APF Cold Storage & Logistics will work with you to find the right solutions for your stock requirements. 

Pick and pack services

With our modern Warehouse Management System (WMS), we can take stewardship over your entire supply chain, removing the need to employ logistics directors. Our WMS integrates innovative technology into your sales systems for barcode matching and easy-to-manage stock and carton-based deliveries.

Stock tracking

Our bonded warehouse is powered by an integrated warehouse management system. Through this, you can track your stock and organise deliveries, and it allows our staff to perform stock batch reports, proof of delivery notifications and stocktakes. 

Expert Staff

Our expert bonded facility team is highly experienced in stock management, manual handling, and all forms of climate control to ensure your products are stored safely and securely until the time of distribution. 

Professional drivers

In many instances, our drivers will be your only interaction with your client and their staff. Which is why we ensure that every member of the APF Cold Storage & Logistics team presents your business and product to the highest standard.

"We couldn't speak more highly of the team at APF and what they were able to help us achieve in the South Australian market. The office & warehouse teams are amazing"


Frequently asked questions

APF Cold Storage & Logistics are approved by the Australian Tax Office to store Excise Equivalent Goods (Alcohol).

Yes, we work with many South Australian brewers and distillers for bonded storage, and our logistics services put us in contact with reps and store owners around the country. To help your business succeed, we are always happy to make introductions, assisting your business growth. 

Our highly-experienced team performs quality control checks to ensure the temperature, climate, and physical condition of your stock is maintained from the moment it enters our facility until the time it is delivered to your customer. 

Utilising bonded storage allows your business to avoid paying costly excise liabilities until your products are dispatched from our warehouse. Which means your business could save over $100k per year.

To learn more about our systems and processes, contact us for a tour of our facilities.