Environmentally Friendly Facilities

Here at APF Cold Storage and Logistics we are always interested in ways to reduce our impact on the world. We have a stewardship mentality when it comes to our organisation which is why we are a service centric refrigerated logistics provider here in Adelaide, Australia.

Recently we were approached by an organisation that was trying to establish a cold storage facility that was completely off the grid. The aim being to run a large load plant and equipment facility (cold storage) on a mix of Solar, Battery, and a UPS backup (diesel generator). To us this concept seemed incredibly foreign. Electricity is one of the top 3 expenses in our organisation, and having a system that had no reliance on it peaked interest, and concerns.

The payback on these types of set ups are lengthy, and are normally only taken up by organisation that have a focus on sustainability. It raises questions as to whether clients would be confident in the facilities ability to provide an uninterrupted power supply to maintain product temperatures within a cold storage facility.

Would you trust a completely off the grid cold storage provider? Does Off-Grid Refrigerated Logistics fit with clients expectations? Should sustainability be put ahead of profits?

We would love to know what you think.


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