Farewells to some Key Staff at APF

It’s been quite a while since we have updated our news page. And in the last couple of months we have had enormous changes to our business.


We farewelled three key staff from APF Cold Storage and Logistics in the space of 4 weeks.

Nat, our Operations Manager, who started as a Truck Driver many years ago, and developed into a great manager, with exceptional customer service skills was picked up by BHP. We will greatly miss Nat, and I personally will miss his support and friendship that he has provided to the business over the last few years. Losing Nat alone is a huge loss, and I am sure he will go on to do great things with BHP. I cant imagine anything more different than a Cold Storage and Logistics Company, to working in a mine.

Elisha, our Operations Support member, had long been chasing her goal of going in to the Australian Defence Force. We have always supported that dream, in many ways, that included us being listed as Small Business of the year, in the Defence Reserve Council Employer Support Awards. We wish Elisha the best, and we will miss her frank and fearless advice.

Harrison, one of our Duty Managers, is also departing to commence his own business, which is teaching people to drive in performance cars. A pretty good job if you can get it.


Three staff departing in such a short time has meant huge changes. I, Tom, have stepped back into the Operations Manager Job until we complete our search for a replacement.

One of our Truck Drivers, Gabby, has stepped up incredibly well to be in Operations Support. Gabby is a superstar and is fitting in extremely well. By now I am sure most of our clients has had some interactions with Gabby.

Gabby & I have spent the last two months getting used to the roles, and making sure our processes are efficient. We are working hard to ensure our customers are given great levels of service, and will continue to drive efficiencies within the business to ensure our clients get the greatest value for money in cold storage.


I am enjoying getting my hands dirty in the business, as it allows me to see what we are doing well, and what we can do better. After we have adjusted to the shake up of staff, I am sure I will look back at this as a growth opportunity for the business.



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