How a new south road will make things cheaper

If you are a South Australian involved in logistics, I am sure you have been paying attention to the recent SA budget announcement of the completion of the North-South Corridor. The $8 Billion project will be the biggest project in SA to date. But what does it mean, to the general public. What does it mean to someone that doesn’t use South Road?

Quite simply, this new road, will make it quicker to move freight through Adelaide. Quicker, equals cheaper. I highly doubt freight will get cheaper, it may insulate price rises of freight in the future.

Customer Service lead times will also reduce. If we can get pallets across Adelaide without traffic it enabled more orders to be fulfilled in a shorter time. This will lead to clients that have stock deliveries in a short time, which leads to a happy customer. Refrigerated Logistics will become more timely, and thats exceedingly important to us.

Enabling a non stop road from Old Noarlunga, to the Barossa also enables greater supply to regions to the south and north. It will make those locations easier to access and stimulate their local economies further.

We are fully supportive of the project. However I do wonder what comes next. How do we link the North South corridor to the South Eastern Freeway in Adelaide? Or do we simply not?

For now, we know there will be a lot of delays through the project, where trucks will require signifiant extra time to navigate those parts. We are agile enough to accomodate for this, and are will to have the short term pain, for a long term gain.


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