How Carton Cloud Simplifies our Administration, So We Can Focus on the Customer

APF Cold Storage & Logistics began using warehouse management platform CartonCloud in 2017, after previously relying on paper based inventories, and basic excel spreadsheets to track and manage customer stock levels across our Distribution Centres.

CartonCloud enables all customers to track their stock and follow stock movements inwards and out and is easy for our customers to manage and customise, regardless of product type. It is also accessible and can be used by customers on any device – making it practical and efficient.

CartonCloud saves us time and our customers money, as it allows us to keep up to date with our stock counts and enhances our stock integrity. From a Cold Storage management perspective, it enables simple control and precise storage statistics throughout our various site locations.

Recently CartonCloud visited APF to shoot some video on the founding of their business. Watch the video here and see if you can spot our General Manager Tom.


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