Managing Business Change Following a Customer Success

In a service industry such as Cold Storage and Logistics, customers come and go. They are far more transient than in services that in a production sector. We see so many customers start small, and grow into large customers. It’s one of our many joys at APF Cold Storage and Logistics, being able to see our customers grow and help them on their way. When they store and have logistics services with APF CSL, they become one of the family. And we are so proud when they grow up to be large scale operations that service all of Australia.

One of our longest customers, who has been with us for 25 years has worked hard to grow their business. They started as a one pallet customer, and grew in to one of our sought after Cold Storage Self Storage Rooms. Over time, they kept growing due to his hard work, and great service attitude to his clients. He is now at that stage where he can afford to build and run a 200 pallet warehouse, and we are so happy to see them succeed and move on to bigger things.

We never like losing customers here at APF Cold Storage and Logistics, and it rarely happens, but we are so happy when customers leave due to us helping them grow. Naturally we will still work together, handling all containerised freight, Australian Quarantine and Imported Foods Inspections for the client, which means we can still help their business grow.

Over the years we have provided advice, guidance, and support. It’s all part of our strong service culture, and our company ethos which is based on succeeding when our customers succeed.

As this customer is leaving, it also means we have vacancy in our self-storage cold storage rooms from February. The last time we had this vacancy in our rooms was 2013, so it’s a real rarity that multiple rooms come up at once. If you are interested, be sure to send me an email, or give me a call to discuss.

Our self-storage rooms give clients 24/7 access to Cold Storage Rooms that enables them to do business at a time that works for them. It allows the client to manage their own pick and pack, and is also backed up by our DC1 warehouse crew, that is happy to receive and despatch goods when required. In essence is a self-storage cold store, with your own personalised warehouse management team.


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