October RWTA Networking Breakfast, with Glaciem Cooling

As the weather outside was champagne Adelaide spring weather, with fog and rain encouraging everyone to sleep in, I made my way to The Caledonian in North Adelaide for the RWTA’s networking breakfast at 7am.

Today’s event featured Glaciem Cooling showing off their new technology which seeks to make CO2 a more desirable option as a refrigerant compared to synthetic refrigerants. The technology is impressive, and easily surpasses the efficiencies of Synthetic Refrigerants, and is able to compete with the industry standard Ammonia when the CO2 operates as sub-transverse temperatures (in simple terms, it will be a strong alternative to Ammonia in the future).

The presentation was detailed, yet understandable, and a robust discussion happened around the practicality of its use in large-scale refrigeration, and the risks that industry would have in adopting the technology.

If you are interested in what Glacium have done, you can find their information here. They recently completed the refrigeration for the Peregrine Corporations’ ”The Bend” motorsport park, and it has been running well. As the technology matures, it will be great to see this utilised in SA.

Thanks to RWTA State Chair Danny, RWTA EO Marianne, Robert and Hesam and the team from Glacium, and Dr Martin Belusko from Uni SA for the great event. In my typical style, I asked a lot of questions, which they answered exceedingly well. I am always so proud of what we do here in SA, and innovating refrigeration Tech makes me so happy. If you are interested in refrigeration tech, you should check Glaciem and the RWTA out.

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