Our Early Customers

Athol Park Freezers, now APF Cold Storage & Logistics, was established in the early eighties, a time when the paradox of Australia being a part of the Asia-Pacific region, yet still embracing the European and American cultures of our ancestors was obvious, but not often a topic of discussion.
The (minor) influx of migrants at the end of the Vietnam War altered our perception of our isolation in many positive ways. None was more obvious than with food. Vietnamese people in particular are passionate about food and cooking and are keen to preserve and promote their traditional recipes and share them with other Australians, of all cultures.
APF CSL rose to the challenge of serving these new customers from the beginning, helping to facilitate the importing of specialist frozen food from Asia and assisting people, to whom English is a second language, with quarantine and other regulations and in offering flexible and innovative storage and distribution solutions.
We still offer these services to our customers today, and still work with people of all cultures to help them simplify their supply chain, and meet Government regulations, including quarantine.


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