Self Storage & Freezer Rooms, Another Way We Are Different

APF Cold Storage and Logistics have always been about doing what the customer needs, rather than trying to make a client fit what we want. When we started business in the 1908’s, we were in the centre of the migrant population that grew in Australia after the Vietnam War, and the Conflict in Cambodia and Laos. The migrants that came to Adelaide were hard working and focussed on developing a better society, and a better life for their families. They worked tirelessly, and we provided traditional Cold Storage to them. It was then raised that these small business owners were looking for storage that was more flexible to suit their normal working hours, as opposed to the traditional Australian working hours. APF Cold Storage and Logistics listened to the clients and developed our purpose-built self-storage lockers to give the clients exactly what they needed to thrive.

Self-Storage Cold Storage Lockers, sometimes referred to as Freezer Rooms or Cold Storage Room Rentals, are rooms that clients rent out, typically with an average occupancy time of over 5 years, which allows clients to run their business how they wish to, and APF CSL provides merely the Room and Equipment needed. With lockers built in multiples, we can pass on those savings to the client, and offer them a fixed cost monthly, with 24/7 access, and complete security monitoring to ensure their products are safe, and on temp.

The great benefit to the Self-Storage Rooms, or Freezer Rooms, is that when you rent from APF CSL, you get a free storeman, who can accept your goods at our Athol Park DC during our regular hours, and then we can even put it away in your Freezer Room. This means you, the client, can focus on growing your business, rather than managing logistics.

Self Storage Rooms are just another way that APF Cold Storage and Logistics has worked with clients, to help them grow. Our culture of service first, and to grow with the customer, means we want you to succeed because it means we succeed too.

If you are interested in Self Storage Rooms, please feel free to contact us to discuss your options.


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