Storage in the time of Corona

Lots has changed in the last few months. The most signifiant of which is the Pandemic of COVID-19. It’s caused enormous issues worldwide, and we are no exception to this here in Adelaide. When pubs, clubs, cafes and restaurants closed, we lost about 60% of our logistics (Transport) business instantly. People were immediately redundant, and we immediately worked on a disaster plan. We have been talking to our clients that have been hit really hard and discussed how we can all get through this together.

One of the biggest changes are that we have scaled back our delivery schedules, to reflect the demand. It’s difficult to roll back, as we have had continuous growth for so many years, that a contraction feels like a failure. The only thing that makes is bearable is that we are all in this together. It’s not due to mismanagement, or personal incompetence, or a customer leaving, its a global pandemic, that is out of our control.

What we can control is our response to the pandemic, and slowing of the economy. We are running exceedingly lean, to ensure we can get through to the other side. And I am confident that we will be one of the lucky ones to get through this.

Cold Storage Storage wise, there isn’t a huge change, in fact demand is increasing, but movements are decreasing, which is problematic for capacity, however we do still have some capacity left. We will adapt, and overcome.

We are still providing reactive logistics, and customer service to help out customers where needed. If you do need assistance please give us a call, and we can work through how we can assist.


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