The APF CSL Service Mentality

Our principal objective here at APF Cold Storage and Logistics is to bring value to our clients. We have various ways of achieving this such as pure economies of scale, allow us to deliver savings that customers by themselves are not able to achieve. Whether through Refrigerated Logistics, or Cold Storage, this is the fundamental principle of a 3PL (3rd Party Logistics), provider.

Within Adelaide and South Australia, we face harsh conditions, through our climate, supply costs (power being a huge factor) and geographic location, compared to the major population centres, causing a natural selection to occur where businesses need to ensure they streamline their entire logistics chain to purely survive.

I see that economies of scale are the baseline for value. Where 3PL’s need to strive, is saving the client time. You can earn more money, but you can never get more time.

We pride ourselves on knowing the market and being able to see problems before they occur. We develop deep customer relationships in order to understand the customer, and from here we can understand their needs. The goal is to know what the customer will need before they realise it. And then present this information to the customer. In short, when the customer stores with APC Cold Storage and Logistics, they not only get the benefits of reducing supply chain costs, but they also get the benefit of having a Logistics Manager and Supply Chain manager, working for them, and giving them advice, included in the service.

By integrating seamlessly with a customer, we ultimately provide our customers with the knowledge, and experience to run their logistics. Saving time, and money, while it is a thoroughly positive experience.


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