The Australian Budget, and how that may impact you.

If you are not an avid follower of fiscal policy here in Australia, you may not be aware of what happened yesterday. On Tuesday, 6 October 2020, it was budget night for the Federal government. The government unveiling huge spending on infrastructure, health, and tax breaks (both individual and business).

Many business managers/owners would have been eagerly awaiting the results of what the government would provide to help stimulate the economy. And importantly to Businesses they have provided the ability to write down the full cost of any asset purchased in the current financial year.

From our perspective, this will provide incentive to purchase assets that we wouldn’t ordinarily update. We would look at a range of products that would increase our ability to provide high levels of quality and customer support to all of our clients. While it is not even 24 hours after the budget was released, and there is a lot more reading to do, the budget measures should allow us to invest in providing long term improvements to the organisation, which should increase the range of services we offer.


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