The New BAU

In South Australia so much has happened in the last week. We have had easing of restrictions to allow people to attend licensed bars and pubs, gyms are re-opening, and life is starting to return to the new normal.

We have seen a huge increase in movement of our beverage customer back to venues, which is extremely pleasing for all involved. Everyone seems to be slightly more optimistic that last week, however despite the increase in consumption of alcohol there is sobering new today that Australia recorded negative growth (it’s economy shrunk) in the last quarter.

With the cold storage and logistics sector we are still watching and adapting as things change. We are maintaining our high levels of service, and keeping our customers informed on the changes to our new business as usual, so we can ensure we can give all stakeholders clear information about deliveries.

Last week I was fortunate enough to have a meeting with the assistant minister for Road Safety and Freight Transport, The Hon Scott Buchholz MP, who himself owned a success-full Queensland freight company prior to moving in to politics. The minister passed on key information that the government was working hard to ensure continuity in transport across Australia, and was also keen to hear feedback. It was discussed that the current cluster outbreaks in Victoria that resulted in a site being closed for two weeks, would have disastrous affects on the logistics sector if it happened to a major DC. The Minister was very supportive of ensuring the refrigerated transport and warehouse sector was supported.

All of us here are sticking to the SA Health Guidelines to ensure safety for all our staff, clients, and stakeholders, and we are looking forward to grabbing a pint and a parmy at one the many fine local establishments in SA.


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