Using Xero to Streamline our Financial Systems

For some time now, APF has had a goal to streamline as many business and logistical processes as possible, so that we can simplify our customers’ supply chain, and make savings internally which we can then pass on to you.

As one of these changes, APF has been using the cloud-based accounting platform Xero since the start of 2017, chosen it for its ability to integrate customer data and cross-reference information to create a business plan that facilitates the day to day work load. Xero, as an online database, also gives us access to the creators when problems arise and this helped us decide to use XERO over other databases.

While there are many benefits to using a platform like Xero, some of its benefits include:

  • Xero works well with processing software such as Carton Cloud, integrating a number of key accounting features, and allowing for transparency between our Accounts and Operations departments.
  • Access to information such as customer payment history is easy.
  • Tracking current and future bills is straight forward, and up-to-date bank feeds keep the business cash flow on track.
  • Following up on payroll is simple and the internal alert system lets you know important dates such as when to pay superannuation.
  • Being a web-based data service, all information is securely saved on the cloud.
    For those yet to move to an online accounting system, or looking for alternatives to your current platform, our main tip is to make sure that XERO is setup for your type of business. The view seen when first accessing Xero may not seem like it suits a business that is not retail based, but with a little modification XERO can be setup for any business structure. Xero provides help whenever it’s customers need it, and once you are set up it can offer significant time savings, which in turn lead to cost savings for you and your customers.

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